Bayern Transfer Rumour: Budget Can Exceed €100m

Yes, it is not a transfer rumour at all. The news has been confirmed by the Bayern Munich’s finance director that their budget for next transfer will exceed €100m. It will be a milestone for the Munich club to expand their spending capacity more than €100m. World football is ready to see the transfer war when German giant Bayern confirmed such news.

Bayern are expecting to spend this amount for a single player. Executive Board member and head of Finance of Bayern Munich Jan-Christian Dreesen confirmed the news to a football magazine called ‘Kicker’. It shows that Bayern can get a big budget star for their squad. They paid €40m to Athletic Bilbao for Javi Martinez and it is still their biggest transfer for a single player.

This announcement came to the media when the buzzing of the transfer rumour was increasing in the market. Football Buddhists are saying that as a strategy this announcement is going to influence the market to hold Bayern’s current position in the Bundesliga for upcoming several seasons.

As Dressen said that they will spend this amount very carefully. Bayern will not run after the football super stars, though they want someone who worth it. In this season, Bundesliga Champions got all players they targeted and many of them in the process.

Bayern already spent €52.1m for 8 players, though two of them were free. In this session they paid €28m to RS Roma for Mehdi Benatia as it is their top paid player in 2014-15 seasons.

Dressen demanding to have such a player who could ask such wages that Bayern can not afford to get him in their club. Bayern is ready to show their strengths not only to pay the transfer fees for the players but also to pay the massive wages. As Bayern is considering spending such big amount to strengthen their squad, it has become a matter of headache for the giants.

Now we have to wait till the end of the August to see how this transfer rumour is going to affect the Bundesliga Champion.


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